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20 August,Yorkshire Esk Trail, Egton Bridge-Whitby led by H&M Whitehouse

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track  n/a   walkers: 20   Distance: 9.5  miles      Total ascent:1002ft

Back markers: Ray Johnson and Michael Woodhouse

Extra pics by Peter Bettany, Gillian Cook and Gary Malcolm







Journey's end

Pics below by Peter Bettany
Pics below by Gary Malcolm
Pics below by Gillian Cook
PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.

The group's walks on August 6, 13 and 20 follow the River Esk from its source in Westerdale to its arrival at the sea in Whitby.

*The Yorkshire Esk Trail provides a more satisfying experience than the regional route, the Esk Valley Way, cutting out an unnecessary long trek via the Lion Inn on the first day, while approaching much closer to the river's sources and adding visits to interesting spots missed by the EVW.

The last two legs are linear, making use of the scenic Esk Valley Railway - the fares are very reasonable.

Everyone, of course, is welcome, whether to complete the whole sequence, or to join just one or two of the walks.

August 6: 10am Start from Castleton. This is an 11.5-mile circular route that includes a couple of miles on quiet roads.

August 13: 10.30am Meet at Egton Bridge Station to catch 11.04am train to Castleton. We then walk back to Egton. Expected finish time: 4.30pm

August 20: 10am Meet at Egton Bridge Station and walk to Whitby. We catch the 3.25pm train back to Egton. There will probably be about an hour to spare in Whitby.

Please call Harry on 07535 892131 or email hltw@peaksoft.co.uk if more information is needed, or to confirm train times.

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*The route appears in The Classic Walks: Northern Yorkshire Coast and Moors, ISBN 978-0955777936.


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