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19 March, Gillamoor, led by Bob Clutson

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track     walkers: 13  Distance: 9.3 miles      Total ascent: 1248ft 

Back marker: Harry Whitehouse  Extra  pics by Gillian Cook, Allan Wrightson and Peter Bettany







Above: The remains of a Joseph Foord water race below Aldergate Bank.  This was cut in about 1759-60 from Piethorn Spring to serve Nawton and Welburn.  Despite the use of crude instruments, long stretches were surveyed to have a fall of only about 1:350, and it continued to supply drinking water to some homes for 200 years.


Meeting a party from Oswaldkirk


Pics below by Gillian Cook
Pics below by Allan Wrightson
Pics below by Peter Bettany
PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.

Park at western end of main street.  Shorter walks start from SE 675 894 (8.5 miles) Fadmoor at 10.10am (8.5 miles) and SE 660 896 (7.5 miles) Aumery Park at 10.40am.

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