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10 September, Filey, led by Gary Malcolm

Never lose touch with the person ahead or the person behind

gpx track  n/a   walkers: 7     **Distance: 11.2  miles      **Total ascent: 686ft

Back marker: A Walker  Pics by Gary Malcolm

** Data and mapping reconstructed from description supplied by leader and are not precise




We came across this  beautiful blue flowered plant on the walk on Sunday at the southern end of Stocking Dale just where the chalk track goes steeply up hill and thanks to Anne from Filey, we think it is chicory, a herb of the dandelion family. It is presumably the root of the plant that is in the salad department of Sainsbury’s, though of course this could be from a domesticated version of chicory.
The other interesting , though sad ,sight we came across in Stocking Dale yesterday is that the tree or trees that are inscribed by the Polish soldiers during the war appear to have fallen down.












PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.
The walk this coming Sunday is an 11 mile( well OK, 11.2 miles) walk from Filey Country Park,  meeting at the ticket machine nearest to the entrance, ie near to the church. The parking fee is £6 for 6 hours and £7 for 24 hours. Julie and I started our recce at 10am this morning and finished at 3.30pm but this timing does not leave much room for error on Sunday  if we are delayed for any reason . So if you really want to park in the country park I’d suggest you fork out the extra £1 and get the £7 parking ticket.
However, if £7 seems a bit steep for a day’s parking,  I’d suggest you park in one of the residential roads just outside the park and walk to the country park ( 5 minutes). One good place to park is about 100 metres short of the roundabout on the A1039 at grid ref 115813 on the other side of the road ,just outside the field ,where there is space for about 6 cars.
If you have any problems, please telephone me on 07835 458755, otherwise hope to see some of you on Sunday!



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